Fall’s Almost Here!!

Ahhhh, why do I get so excited when fall comes around…I don’t know… like I don’t live in Sunny Southern California… you know the say it never rains in Sou-thern Cal-a-fornia..While that may not be entirely true (but hell y’all see we in a drought! And it ain’t for no reason, lol), I love fall like,  loooovveee fall, appearance wise, its Cali’s only real season other than summer,  and here whenever its over 75 degrees it seems summer-ish. There is something about changing of the colors of the leaves on the trees that let us know it’s real. I can’t deny, right now I am loving a mock turtleneck and a light jacket or poncho, some wide leg jeans(if I can locate a good fitting pair), with some kind of, any kind of boot or pumps, ughhh my favorites!! We don’t much rain in the winter and definitely no snow, unless you drive up a few mountains, so fall/autumn is all we got until spring comes around (not fan of spring, I’ve got terrible allergies,j/k). I put together a few essential buys, of mine to prepare for this long fall/winter season!

The Poncho


The Perfect Flare



The Lace-Up Pump


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