Why I Gave Up Social Media for 3 Whole Years!

Hmmm, where to do I begin…Lets Define it. Social Media by definition is forms of electronic communication (as Web sites for social networking and microblogging) through which users create online communities to share information, ideas, personal messages, and other content (as videos). http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/social%20media. Now with that definition as my starting point, let me tell you how I feel about social media. Social media is an outlet that allows people to share, thought opinions, ideas and concept on many different aspects that they may relate with one another thru. These individuals may be those both known and unknown to you personally. It can be a great avenue for advertising, networking, and establishing oneself in their field of choice. But with every gift there is a curse, and social media has several.


One of the biggest personal conflicts I had in the past with social media is the past. Some things, people and places are in the past for a reason. Be it you’re been there done that, learned the lesson and moved on, I won’t say it easy to go backwards, but it’s easy to put in a backwards ass situation. Prime example, the ghost of relationships past; this means not just lovers, but also old friends. Many times you may have been with, or associated with people fucked up situations. Ya’ll know what I am talking about 🙂 . So, why are these people that need to be in your “social network”, and/or atmosphere, again… what is there that we need to talk about, when we should know, I know I did, that it’s not genuine. I am not a pretender.. I just can’t. There was just so much “I’m happy for you, but I’m really not going on”, if you know what I mean. Yeah, I have changed, I will admit that. As we grow we change, right. And change is not a terrible thing. I’ve heard a million times over, in many ways shapes and forms, that if we don’t change, you can’t progress. With that being said, I had to remove myself from it.
Another issue the concept of reality, was becoming way, way to watered down. I love my family, and friends all day. We have AMAZING times together and have made some of the most crazy, sentimental, adventurous memories of Life!! Realistically, about 95% of those moments have never once been photographed, and I am completely ok with that. Have you ever realized, when your having the BESSSTTTT time, you have no photos? Maybe its just me…My point in saying this is, how can I say this, not all them pictures are as “amazing” of a time as they want you to believe. I am guilty of it too, hell, that’s why I gave it all up for three years! Living life and loving it is not constantly sharing, and comparing which is what I can say is way too easy to do with social media.


And I saved my main reason for giving up social media for last. LACK OF COMMUNICATION/CONVERSATIONAL SKILLS. Uggghhhhh its irks my nerves to go places with people, and not have conversations. Like real conversations. This is really going to show my age, but what happened to families and friend “shooting the shit”, or talking about nothing and everything. The next time you’re out to dinner with man/woman, family member or friends, people watch. Look around, at the surrounding tables and see how many people in the restaurant are on their phones while they are there with another individual. It is super hilarious to me. In my mind I am like “hey, I’m here…we supposed to be hanging out..not you hanging out with the picture/post/text messages on your phone… they can’t speak back to, or at least not in OUTLOUD”. Call me crazy but as a society, our communications skills suck, what are the children going to be like, aside from having back problems from being hunched over the damn phone all the time. I already see the difference, I do this every time I go to the grocery store with my husband and he does it too. I ask the young cashier’s “How’s your day going so far”, or “How are you doing today”, and I promise you every time, their response starts with a “Ummm,..” and a confused look as if I shouldn’t be talking to them, as I continue small talk. I swear it like pulling teeth, lol. Imagine where society is going to be in 10 years, it’s a trip we can like a post on Instagram/Facebook and retweet on Twitter, and even bad mouth others bcus loose lips have turned into loose keys, but can go an hour or more without scrolling down a timeline. “I’m jus sayin…. you can do better..” Drake voice.


I am sure your thoughts were I would complain about the Insta-Models, and countless advertising and blah… blah…. HELL NO!!! I knock no Man/Womans hustle, make the money don’t let it make you. For me it was more personal, mental, a psychological test of my willpower, my husband can give it up, can I do it to? Can I still have a happy, exciting, adventurous life without sharing my every moment with the world.. can I do it??? (ok, that was super dramatic but you get the point) I did it, I am still living breathing, and most importantly, I stupid happy, and more comfortable with myself, Tiffany Chavon Martin, then I have ever been! So, why come back???? Why not J. It’s my life and I can do anything I want, God willing(plus I’ve been wanting to blog for years, so hey).

Thanks for the read! Enjoy some of my photos from my favorite moment during my hiatus!

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Love, Peace, and Curves,

T. Chavon
P.S. This post is only meant to be thought provoking and display some of my personal experiences.

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