BET Hip Hop Awards 2015

“What you are about to witness is my thoughts, just my thoughts, right or wrong…just what I was feeling at the time..”  -S. Carter

Hip hop is everywhere, and fashion is right there in the heart of it, it’s damn near as important as the lyrical content nowadays. Check out my fashion favorites from the 2015 BET Hip Hop Awards, and read my thoughts on the current state of hip hop below!

Lira Mercer in Balmain- My Absolute Favorite Look of the Night!!
Lira Mercer in Balmain- My Absolute Favorite Look of the Night!!


bet dej loaf
Dej Loaf looked cute in abstract pants and Combat boots
The lovely Westbrooks Sisters and their eclectic array of looks
The lovely Westbrooks Sisters

Every time I watch this debacle I question why I am doing it. When I am watching disappointed, then they start a cypher, and I get excited, but then it is right back the disappointment. It’s a total mind F**K, lol. It like have all these artist that I close my eyes and listen to and hear greatness, then they follow it by some commercialized bullshit. To know me is to know that I adore hip hip… REAL HIP HOP. The stuff the brings chills to your spine, causes you to gasp, become wide-eyed and giggly, cup your hand in front of your mouth and say/think “dammmnnn”, rewind listen again just to make sure your heard right the first time. The kind of hip hop that provokes thought, appreciates the English language, and has metaphors that goes over your head, twice, spins your mind in circles hits you upside your head and cause an “ohhhhhhhh “. It is one of the reasons why the Hubb’s and I are so tight. It is why we are friends first. Whether we disagree or agree our passion for the hip hop community is legit.

Lil Kim, the Queen B
Lil Kim, the Original Queen B, doing what she been doing.. serving us naked chic

Hip hop is a culture, a community, and a lifestyle…it’s like freedom. Freedom to wear what one wants, speak how one feels and not be put in a box. And I get it because I lived it. Hip hop was the place that I found solace when I felt like crying and a place where I felt that the artists I loved knew me like.. knew me, knew me, when I thought no one else did felt me.. they did (and still do at times). It told the stories that were so damn close to my life that I thought the artist where living next door, ear to wall, and taps on phone. So what’s happen to the state of hip hop? Don’t get me wrong I enjoy the occasional Rachet-ter-ry of some of the current hip hop artist, but some them, I just can’t!!  There is a lot of tomfoolery, that I just can get with. I don’t want to judge it…because I understand it and its freedom. I don’t want to say I am giving up on it. I know it can’t go back to what it was, because all great things must move forward, but I guess I just wish it was greater, and not less than what it used to be.

Peace and Blessings,

T. Chavon

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