shifty 1Back in the day I would completely stay away from a shift dress. My thoughts, they are completely unflattering. What I have hear others say, “that does nothing for your shape”. obviously, the shift dress is box-y, it doesn’t hold on to your curves in what people would normally deem flattering for a thick girl. Me now… Screw you!! And what you deem, cute or flattering to us “Fat”, yeah I said it, girls. The new me, knows that I don’t have to wear a dress that holding on tight to my hips and ass  to know that I have them both, and plenty of each, lol. I wore this dress on a weekend get away with my favorite guy, the hub’s, and I owned it!!! Yessss, boo boo. Not only was I hella comfy I was cute, too.

shifty 2


I felt very much like a lady on the move, effortlessly.We  did a little sight seeing and exploring in Santa Barbara, I decided to put on my knee lace-up boots from by Leila Stone, adorable aren’t they! And they where super comfy, I am thinking of ordering in black.

shifty 1

The colors do not match, but I knew that, they simply took my shift dress from day to dinner time without having to change anything which is perfect when you away from home.

Shifty 4



The dress is a Faux Suede material that I picked up at Forever21 + along with the, yessss I still love a that store, no matter how old I get. My Christian Dior sunshades, I have had for at least six months and I found them on a good shopping day at Sak’s Off Fifth, they had a helleva sale like 50% off of the discount price, love that! They are my classic “hide me from the world” sunglasses, lol.


Here are a few more pictures from my, I guess you can call it a stay-cation :). I personally call it discovering home. Often times we live in a certain city/state, and we never explore the places outside of our bubble. You discover so many beautiful things that are right at home when you take a few hours and drive.


My Fake Family , lol!
Stearns Wharf, an edge-less pier you literally drive up it over the ocean!!
Stearns Wharf, an edge-less pier you literally drive up it over the ocean!!
Santa Barbara Museum of Art
Santa Barbara Museum of Art


Love. Peace. & Curves,


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  1. Oops. I think I sent you an email by accident. I meant to post a comment. Anyway, I guess I’ll try to remember what I said. I love that dress on you. Very cool and classy. And the boots are hella cute! Yup that’s what I said. lol

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