Doing it Moving

I have been missing from my blog for a minute.. not intentionally but life happens! And because of it  I am constantly on the move. This post, for instance, it should have been up three days ago, lol. My busy-ness is only an obstacle that I myself can make it thru, because I got God close. Since my time is so limited I decided to take this pick on the way out of the house on a family outing.





This ribbed white cropped top has been in my closet for a while and has become quite the staple. It’s white, so it goes with any combinations of items, its thick so it keeps the chill out. I picked it up from forever 21 plus, here. I also got this jean skirt from Forever 21 plus, similar here, and I just LOVE  flow. I can pair it with some sneakers, or boots, as I did in this look and it gives a very feminine flow.






I lucked up on this grey belted hat from PacSun (similar), on a shopping trip with my little brother at their after Christmas sale!!(love the low price of $15, from the original $34 price.) My shades came from their sale too, very John Lennon-ish, lol. The scarf is thrifted (similar here), of course, seems like I always throw on something I picked up in thrift store, I can help that I love other people clothes 🙂 Similar boots, here, because they are from last season, and the same with this leather tote by Kenneth Cole.

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Peace and Blessing!!


T. Chavon
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