Formation Fixation

In true Beyonce form, she once again, inspires a nation. Whether you deem her surprise video drop, an performance and controversial in a positive way, or negatively, she got us all talking!  People are watching the video on repeat, reading into all the little details and analyzing the words, drooling over the fashion and boys does she have us talking ! So in honor of Bey and her crew here’s my take on “Formation”,  *Fists up* with a little added color 🙂 .

Form 1

Who does not love the Bordeaux color trend. It is a spectacular play on a classic red, but for winter! I can not tell you how much it has taken over my life these past couple of months! Its been on my nails in my hair, clothes, shoes, and my favorite on my lips. And did I mention, it looks good on everyone! I know its everywhere, and I KNOW that is the reason why. Don’t believe me, buy a lipstick in the color, you will immediately start with the sexy face looks in the mirror, lol.

Form 6

The sleeves sweater dress is sold out at Forever 21, similar here, I paired with my faux leather Calvin Klein Jacket, which I wear probably much too often over the past year of owning it. Its that little bit of edge your outfit may need, to be spiced up a bit, every girl should own a black motorcycle jacket.

Form 5

The boots scream sex kitten, and have been sitting in my closet for over a year, like a lot of stuff in my closet. They make the look, perfect for a night out with my favorite guy for dinner, but can also work for a well overdue ladies night.

form 2


Food for thought:

Hmmm…All cultures love Bey, but know that she wants to show the world how much she loves her culture, they want to turn against her? If she was using her power of celebrity to promote anything else would people be up in arms.. we all know the answer to that is a big ass NO! There is so much that we are missing while everyone is debate that she is doing. She’s donating ticket sales to Flint, MI.. She is teaching our little black girls to love themselves in a world that is always putting us against ourselves and each other.. I can go on for days, but tell me, what do you think of Beyonce’s video and performance??


Hope you enjoyed!

T. Chavon

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