Dazed and Confused

Bring May flowers already!! Sheesh!! In California our weathers is normally pretty warm damn near all year but the past few weeks I think the weather has confused Cali with everywhere else. So after the rain I was able to catch a few minutes of sun to finally share this look it put together 🙂

dazed 2

This top (found here) I fell in love with because it screamed nineties for sure! I could totally remember my flowered-out baby-doll dresses that I wore.


dazed 3

Ever had a favorite pair jean, these are mine (you can probably tell from the wear on the color, lol). they are NYDJ(not your daughters jeans), similar here. Jeans and I have always had a love hate relationship because my thighs and hips and waist don’t match society’s standard. Like most plus size pretty’s, my thighs will be too big, or the waist of the jeans too large if the thighs slid right in, but these jeans fit JUST RIGHT!. I know the name screams “Mom Jeans” but don’t that scare you away they come tons of cute washes and styles.


dazed 4

And do you see these shoes Boo!!!… UGHHH!! I didn’t even pick them out myself happened to be taking too long and my better half picked them up in an attempt to rush me, and I was like FIRE!!. I love the peep toe, the lace-up detail and how high they go up my ankle. They also have an exposed heel. They are comfy, and cute, and they came from Forever 21, unfortunately they are not on the website so you would have to check them out in-store.

dazed 5

Happy Monday Ladies!!


Tiffany Chavon

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