Plus Size Springs Must Haves

Plus Size Spring Must Haves 2016

The rain has stopped(for now), the sun is shining, the flower are almost in full bloom, and my allergies are driving me CRAY. YAY! Spring is here! Flower, pastels and brights are everywhere. And you know what that means! Summer is creeping up slowly. There are sooooo many lovable concepts out in fashion this spring that I just can not get over!

Bright Stripes


Plus size striped
Plus size striped, by Alice & You


Plus size black and pink striped dress-
Plus size black and pink striped dress-


I was combing thru Glamour magazine and I stumbled across an article about the go to looks for this springs and I came across stripes. Stripes? Yeah, stripes. Most curvy girls shy away from stripes because we are told they are “not flattering”, however theses two examples of a stripe dress are flattering completely different than what you see walking down the street everyday, cute and they are a perfect fit the spring climate.



Plus Size Gingham top-Target, by Mossimo
Plus Size Gingham top-Target, by Merona


Plus Size Gingham Skirt
Plus Size Gingham Skirt


Plus size Red ingham dress-
Plus size Red gingham dress-




Picnic table Chic!. I am so loving that this trend has come back! When gingham was out earlier in the 2000’s I think I ran from it.. but now I am so ready to embrace the park and picnic, meets contemporary fashion.


Patchwork Prints

Plus size patchwork dress-, by
Plus size patchwork dress-, by Alice & You


Plus Size Patchwork Maxi dress-, by
Plus Size Patchwork Maxi dress-, by Alice & You

Prints are always better mixed with other prints. There is a certain uniqueness that it brings to your look if done properly. These dresses from capture the patchwork trend perfectly, without looking to child-like or blah. I think it is the designs of the dresses the little bit of leg showing. Add a cute wedge heel or ankle bootie, and you’ve got the perfect Granny Chic Sexy look, lol.


Show a little Skin!

Plus Size off the shoulders blue dress -
Plus Size off the shoulders blue dress –, by Paper Dolls Plus


Plus size off the shoulders purplue
Plus size off the shoulders purple
Plus Size Ruffle
Plus Size Off the shoulders white Ruffle


I think this one is my FAVORITE spring trend that all ladies and especially us plus size pretties can agree is super sexy without showing everything and that is the exposed shoulder. It give the eye the concept of being nude, because the neck and shoulders are completed bare, but as the eyes travel downward you are actually fully clothed.  Very sexy. Very classy. Very chic.


Just for kicks, here are a few of my favorite shoes for the spring. Shoes and accessories make the look so you can’t skimp on your kicks. When an outfit, dress etc. looks too plain don’t forget to consider  the shoes!It can take your look from a 2 to a 10. And obviously, I LOVE a great blocked heel, because they are comfy, and effortless. I can wear them all day without a problem 🙂

Steve Madden Block Slingback
Steve Madden Block Slingback
Blue Suede Shoes, by steve madden
Blue Suede Shoes, by Steve Madden
Suzuki by Aldo
Suzuki by Aldo
NEILA by Aldo
NEILA by Aldo


ELLEY by Aldo
ELLEY by Aldo

Peace and blessing Y’all!!

Tiffany Chavon, of

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