Golden Confidence Pool Party 2016- L.A. Edition

Oh My God…Becky!!! This past Saturday I had the complete pleasure of attending the Golden Confidence Pool Party L.A Edition and I am still in utter awe of it all. You can only fathom that much confidence was in this space! I was so hesitant to go, I literally waited until the last day to purchase my ticket. I could honestly say my social anxiety was at an all time high. I remember last year when Essie threw the 1st annual Golden Confidence Pool party thinking, wow that is an sick idea and looks so fun. I knew when she announced it I wanted to go, but talked myself out of it early on because I “wasn’t ready”. I have to say without my husband and sister (who wanted to go with me for moral support but couldn’t make it), coerced me into going and I am beyond glad I did!



The gorgeous designers behind upcoming plus clothing line, Renee Olivia
The gorgeous designers behind upcoming plus clothing line, Renee Olivia


When I arrived I was more than amazed at the happy beautiful smiling faces all around me. I will admit I did feel a little me nervous for the first few minutes, but I got over that quickly. I walked around just checking out everything that was going on. The music was bumping, there was a taco man grilling away, and there were plus size beauties everywhere that looked genuinely comfortable and happy in there own skin. I would call my self a pretty confident plus sized woman but hunny, these women gave me so much more life than I expected! There was just so much joy around me. There was not snotty-ness or noses turned up, everyone was just turning up!






I met so many beautiful women of different shapes, shades and sizes. I don’t believe I ever felt so internally comforted in my life. Though I was really shy and I didn’t know what to say to a lot of the O.G. bloggers that were there, like Tess Holliday, Ivory Jinelle, Dionna Humphrey and even Essie Golden, my people watching and mingling with the ladies I did get to know was enough for me. I did not personally meet and conversations with everyone, but I felt like I did! There was so positivity and confidence in the atmosphere I feel inspired and even more comfortable with myself then ever before. My blog is Live Life Curvy because I don’t want my size to limit me living my life as all the beautiful women in attendance obviously do not either. I love the plus size movement and I hope that it resonates to all the girls, young ladies and women around the world and continues forever it is not just a trend or fad. Which is what all us plus size bloggers are grinding for as well.

Essie Golden, creator of the Golden Confidence Pool Party


Ivory Jinelle, plus size fashion blogger


Priscilla Ono, make-up artist to the stars and entreprenuer



I must say that the girl Essie did an amazing job with her amazing concept and I wish her nothing but the best in all of her futures endeavors because she is not only beautiful lady but a smart cookie, because there is no doubt in my mind that this is going to turn her into a bigger deal then she probably has ever prayed for, I’m talking Mogul Talk, for real for real! {I am speaking into existence for you sis 🙂 } Oh yeah, and for those of you in the Miami, FL area, its going down for your ladies, too! Don’t miss out on the fun, here is the link to buy tickets.



Would I go to the Golden Confidence Pool Party L.A. again next year? HELL YES!! and every year after that until they tell me I am too old to go, which would never happen because I can tell that is not how Essie rolls.


Thanks for reading!


Stay happy, and beautiful, and Curvy.. and live GIRL LIVE!!!

Tiffany Chavon

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