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Monday thru Friday, from early A.M, to mid afternoon I am at work, waiting to be off work. With my busy lifestyle I literally have to be ready for whatever when I get off work. I need clothing that can appropriately take me from the office, to the heat, to the store, to the kitchen, and to basketball practice without having to worry about a slip and fall, etc. In order to combat the heat I must say I love a good loose fitting dress. Don’t get me wrong I love a tight fitting dress as well, but they are not very work appropriate all the time. So when I saw this cute little number at Old Navy, and under $35, I had to pick it up. Not only is it a plus size friendly dress, but and it runs from sizes XS to XXL and comes in tall or petite. It is easy to wear with a light blazer, or a cute distressed jean jacket, or no jacket at all when off work.  I went with my absolute favorite pair of leopard flats that I have had for probably like 4 years, lol (and my husband wants to throw them away but that will be over my dead body). These are the actual shoes, and you can see why I adore them, but they are so old that I cannot purchase a new pair, but I have found and alternative, here, they are not my favorites I may just have to scoop these up.  My statement necklace was adorably picked up by my husband, here, he be trying y’all 🙂 My multi -colored clutch purse is another oldie, but goodie purchased from They have great accessories and shoes and they are currently running their end of the season sale, so I will definitely be checking out the deals.


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