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Live LIFE!! I do not consider myself an advocate because I do not have a huge following, nor do I put together events to help women with focused on self-love (yet), however, am do consider myself a woman on a body positive, life positive journey that I must say I am quite proud of. Like many women it is extremely hard to not extra critical of oneself and outer appearance. If any woman is even a little bit like myself, you have been happy, angry, happy again, sad, and even cried yourself to sleep at night about your body image. You’ve dieted, exercised, and damn near(if not fully) starved yourself to try an obtain your “perfect” body. You may have compared yourself to others, critiqued others, compared yourself to others, and just been overly crucial of the way  your body looks. You’ve even at times prevented yourself form enjoying the world, because of what the world may say (let that one sink in, lol). Its sad, but its normal for a woman to be so screwed up, that they do not know how to handle loving and embracing their body as it is. For most of us, women, what we see one the television is not what we see in our mirrors, or better yet in the shower daily.  When I think about it, it damn near has me in tears (yes, I am the overly sensitive crybaby type at times, lol). For years I have never worn my thighs out. They have one of the many parts of my body that I was insecure about. Insecurity about thighs on women are common but mine was not just the normal cellulite complex, it was also my varicose and spider veins. I have had them since I can remember, but more specifically around the eighth grade. Do you know what this did to my life! Completely restricted it. I literally never wore short-shorts until about 20 years old, and would not be caught dead in a swimsuit without board shorts, or a long wrap, crazy right, When I finally purchased a pair I rarely wore them, it may have happened, once or twice that summer, with some heavy coercing from my BFF. It may sound foolish to most, now it even sound foolish to me! You know how they say with age comes wisdom, there also comes that give no fucks attitude. I think that comes from the loss of time, and the realization that much of your time past and what you have left you have to make enjoyable and memorable, and beautiful! And guess what its easy! You just got to live for YOU! Stop hiding, and bottling yourself in a comfort zone because of what society says does not matter. You know that saying “What they eat don’t make you shit.” Live by it, because it is awesome, and guess what it goes both ways, so when you think about those that you fear judgement from you can still apply it 🙂

With all that being said, these pictures were not supposed to be blog post, but I decided I was going to live life, being happy, confident, and comfortable in my skin on Sunday and post them 🙂  The tunic I recently purchased from H&M in-store, similar here. My white folded jeans shorts can be found, here, for just $ now, SUPER STEAL!! My statement necklace and sunglasses, you have already seen on my previous post, here, but can be purchased on, similar sunglasses here (they are no longer on the website but I still see them in the store), and necklace here. I picked this scarf up on my trip to the Orange County Fair, blog post on that adventure coming soon!

Live Life Curvy, and really LIVE!!!


Tiffany Chavon


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