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Everyone who knows me knows I am a money girl. I have always been about the numbers and money, hence I took my first summer job at the ripe age of 11 years old. Sounds like B.S. right… nope, however what they paid me for the work was, lol. I will never forget $50.00 a week for 8 hour days.Hilarious right, what can I say I was securing the bag, young  and I did not know any better. Fast forward to now. I have worked in just every corporate industry you can think of, sometimes worked countless hours of overtime, and most of the times had multiple incomes coming from different companies. What can I say, I am a worker, or was. I have learned in my 30 plus years so much in discovering myself, that it is all about securing the bag. We all know the DJ Khaled is crazy with his analogies, but his is crazy RIGHT!. It is all about security. Entrepreneurship is the way to go if you really want to have security for yourself and your family


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. With that being said that is what my little family is working on. my husband and I just finally buckled down and purchased our very first  LLC, a couple of weeks ago with the intent of creating several DBA’s (businesses, stands for doing business as). Our first business falls into my first love, fashion, well at this point fashion accessories, they will be found here at (bare with me the site is not complete yet because I am trying to do everything to legal protect us first 🙂 ). Securing the bag, boo. Right now I am excited at the opportunity to bring people my creative crazy ideas, and see people walking around, taking pictures and wearing the custom concepts that we have created. There are a few more securing the bag ventures we are taking on at the same time, so stay tuned my loves. Get excited my loves. Pray for us my loves, and be supportive my loves 🙂 I promise to keep everyone posted.

Anyway about this outfit, though. I love the comfort of this jumper that I found here, similar but this where I found it online earlier in the summer. I have had this vest, for like 2 years, and it is a staple for me I wear it all the time because I believe that it goes with everything and dresses everything up. I feel about blazers!! Its is one of the things that my husband hates because I wear it all the time, lol, I found it at, but they can be found just about anywhere, similar here. Of course the shoes have been previously posted, here, and you can find similar ones at, for the low price of $38.99. I do and always will believe that an good accessory can change the dynamics of any outfit, I love this statement necklace, seen here, but here is another great place to find statement jewelry.

I hope you guys enjoyed today’s post and I spark the notion in you to work on, think about and put into action the “securing the bag” plan.

Remember, “..until you own your own you can’t be free” S.Carter


Live your life, Boo!!


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