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Summer is officially coming close to an end, **awwww**. This year I can’t tell if I am excited about fall or going to miss the summer’s warm nights. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the fall! Fabrics become more textured, boots turn into my favorite accessory, and the faux furs come out at night, lol. But what about the loss of one of my favorite crisp clean and some times obnoxious colors, white. No white after labor day is what they say, but do you follow that fashion rule? I cannot stand to be told what to wear and when or how to wear it, so for me that is a definite no go for me.

I order this cold shoulder skater dress online at Torrid.com, sold out but similar here, and it was quickly a summer hit in my mind. It is so easy, breezy, and comfy. I love how it flow and I feel so completed free in it. I think the chevron texture give it a little added flair.  So, it goes without being said that I transition it into the fall. It originally came with a thin camel colored belt but I decided to switch it up a bit and remove it. I add this adorable hat was purchased from the men’s department at Forever 21, and it is the perfect fit for my not so petite head :), similar here. The choker is one of my own designs, coming soon to chokdaccessories.com. The booties are from last season, but I found some that are similar here.

How do you feel about wearing white after labor day? Would you do it and say screw it, or is it a definite no, no. I am almost sure I wont be cutting white off any time soon, and I am sure that my white after labor day looks will fall into a winter white, post in the future.

I hope you all enjoyed your extra day off, I know it did!. I binged watched the Netflix original show “Stranger Things” and I am hoping they come thru with a second season, because we love some good Sci-Fi in my household 🙂

Thank for stopping by!!

Stay peaceful, Stay positive, and live your life, Boo!!


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