You know the saying I am my brothers keeper, well I have adopted and adjusted that to I Am My Sister’s Keeper after my recent experience. This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending a women’s empowerment pop-up photo shoot, and I must say it was so needed. I am honestly going to say that I was very hesitant on attending it originally out of fear of not knowing anyone, but myself, along with my sister decide we would go. This event is was the introduction to many workshops that are now being held in the Los Angeles, among many other states. The focus of this event was not just the photo shoot but empower, inspire and spark a positive mind state. I met some many beautiful women who allowed there truths to be revealed in what was deemed a ‘free space’ of as a judgement free release time.










I can get over the stories, both the battles and great accomplishments that have came from each individual woman. It was enlightening to not just know, but feel the pain, and the strength of all of these beautiful women from physically different women, but vulnerably and emotionally the same in some cases. Some times as women we fear relationships with other women, but I am glad that every last one of those that were so positive and uplifting and just cool as hell. It was so freeing and so fun. I there was tears and cheers, thanks to the personalized Queen Sangria’s from lovely maddivaconcierge.com.

Kim Scott, Author and CEO of @mygirlsonline, kimsscott.com
Kim Scott, Author and CEO of @mygirlsonline, kimsscott.com


Plus Model @kiarasherman5
Plus Model @kiarasherman5



I am completed in awe and on a natural high from this event. I would so encourage anyone who is working on finding herself, bettering herself, or just in need of an open space to let it all out to definitely check out this next empowerment workshop:





You can find our the details at : queensspeaks.com, also if your have any questions or just need some encouragement to attend, please do not be hesitate to email me at livelifecurvy@gmail.com



Outfit Details! Lets not forget what I love!! Fashion 🙂 Being that there was going to be a photo shoot as well, we were told to wear all black. I wore this the top I wore can be found here.  Now let me tell you about these faux leather pants boo! They are from City Chic, and are SO comfy and the fit is amazing. They are stretch and they did not fall half as much as other jeans for curvy girls that I have purchased in the past. These shoes can be found in a past blog post, and here are some that are similar in larger size shoes specialty online boutique Smashshoes.com.

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