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Fall is here!! and I cannot get over the warming  up of the color palette. It has to be my favorite part of the seasons changing. I live in SoCal we can never full rid ourselves of the heat, but we can pretend we do with our wardrobe changes. I recently had the pleasure of attending “Curvy Cocktails” hosted by Kristen Thompson of, Candice Kelly, plus size model extraordinaire, and Mz. Gossip Girl, journalist/host/the first plus sized women I seen on television, Nina Parker. At the event I shuffled my two drinks in my hands, self down to learn that I won a free subscription to Gwynniee Bee. I thought how cool is this. I had already view their site and wonder if I wanted to commit to a another subscription in my life, I have so many already its ridiculous. So how perfect was it that I go to try it out at no cost! Let me first say I love the concept, you have the option of pick one to three items at at time. You wear them, or if you do not like send them back, and if you do like them pay a purchase price and keep the item(s).


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My thoughts on Gwynnie Bee are this, on a positive note, it is completely awesome to be able to order items online, wear them a few times and return them for new items because you can never bee bored with such an open wardrobe. They have some many cute colorful items and a variety of prints and styles, and there is little to no commitment to each item. This is great because I like trends and just a fast as some trends come, they also go. With that said, for me its so far so good. I received my first package of three items, of which two of the three items I loved, and one I have sent back. Easy-peasy 🙂

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This kimono/duster is one of them and I adore it. I am loving the combination of brights with maroon, and gray. The fit perfect and the outfit possibilities are endless. I can definitely see this in my wardrobe for the long haul, so I am thinking about making this one a purchase. This kimono is by Citron, found here, and it comes in sizes Medium thru 3XL. I paired it with a jeans from my favorite place, Macy’s from there INC brand. Similar tank can be found here. I have owned these maroon wedges heeled ankle boots for years they are comfy and a favorite of mine so I can’t seemed to get rid of them, similar. The gray handbag was a gift from my husband, similar.



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