Who’s T. Chavon?
I AM!!! Short for Tiffany Chavon Martin, I am a working wife with a love and gratitude for fashion and beauty that dates back to a very young age. I am a daughter, sister, and friend to all and the go to woman for fashion, beauty and general life advice, but what true sister/friend isn’t. I am also a freelance writer and contributor for Advance Magazine’s, for which I am fashion and beauty expert. With the influence of my mother I learned a very young age how to sew, and enjoy remixing vintage finds, tailor store brought items, sketching, not really making any designs any more , but that’s looonngg story. I can’t remember a time I didn’t admire the way that clothing can make a woman look, and make me feel. I am a fiend for textured, patterned, and flowy pieces clothing both new and vintage, (but we all know in fashion history repeats itself ), go and sometimes not go so well together. I ain’t got not type, so I do think I can put my style in category, I like I buy, I put it together and get “I would’ve thought to put that together” and “You need teach some of these girls how to do that” no shade because Lord knows I have had so fashion faux pas in my life boo, LOL!, but that’s what people have really said to me. Oh yeah, forgot to mention, I am CURVY, plus size, thick, voluptuous, whatever you wanna call it. I can honestly say that living life curvy, pun intended, has not always been easy to embrace, and I have been a thick girl from as far back as I can remember And it hasn’t always been easy to be fashion in my size, but honneeyyy, now… today… in 2015….there is definitely a new love and respect for the curvy woman. So join me roll with me go with me as I learn more and more each day how to happily LIVE LIFE CURVY!! (This should be fun!!   )
With Love,
T. Chavon