The Power of Accessories

The Power of Accessories

In the day of social media and constant availability of You to the public, one can’t help but feel the pressure of unrealistic expectations of self. This can come in many shapes and forms, but I recently had a conversation with my cousin and she expressed to me how she does not like to post on Instagram all the time because it feeling of needed to not become “outfit repetitive”. Damn, isn’t that something, our overly accessibility of being view online is not preventing people to post their reality. I get it. Because I blog, I know how often I try not to post outfits on repeat, but is that realistic, HECK NO!. I wear the same outfit, or remix items more often than not, because guess what, I’ve paid for that. Although I do a lot of shopping and giving away clothing articles that I become tired of, I am sure I know where my overcompensation of clothing comes from. My days of being poor, duh, that obvious. What I don’t’ want to do is give women unrealistic expectations of being plus size and fashionable.

So I decided with this post I was going to take one entire outfit, dig some old items out the crate, and show you all the power of accessories. As far as the outfit, less accessories, the ribbed white bodysuit was found at Forever21, similar, and these cute linen vertical striped cropped pants were found at Target, and are super comfortable and light go up to a size 26!

I wanted to show you all that you can pull looks that are easily different and the same.

So for the first look, I added a straw fedora, found here, in the men’s section (a big headed woman’s go to for hats, lol). I also included an old favorite statement necklace I found in a hospital shop with muted blues and purple tones, as BCBG statement bracelet, old from Macy’s, and a tan bag from that is older as well. These cute little mules are pretty new and a Nordstrom Rack steal at $50, by  Melrose and Market.

For the second look I got rid of all the accessories for a quick revamp. This time I added a pastel peach and mint green necklace, not sure where I purchased this one but I think it was Nordstrom Rack, an old peach bangle which originally came in a set, and mint green statement pumps I found at Ross Dress for Less years ago. I added my old faithful blazer vest, and BAM, I’ve got a go to work look.

And its just that simple, realistic, and just as cute as a brand new head to toe look. I hope you all enjoyed these looks and take a look in your closets and play around with the power of accessories.

Peace and Posistivity!


Pretty Tough

Pretty Tough



Plus Size Spring Fashion

Hey all. I didn’t want to pass up an opportunity to show you guys this Pretty Tough look I put together for a picnic in the park date with my hubby. I adore this cute pleated skirt from WHO WHAT WEAR, currently sold out but similar here. It was the pretty element of this look *hints the title*. I paired it with a simple black tank top, tucked in and my DIY jean jacket, and some cute little lace-up flats for comfort. I also added an old black and gold statement necklace I picked up thrifting a few years back (I love thrifting!!), wide gold hoops, and a cream colored textured clutch bag, similar here  This jacket was once my go-to jean jacket that got so worn that the elbows of the jacket got natural holes in them, so I ran with it! A few slits and pulls, and a couple washes later I have me now favorite distressed denim jacket. I thinking that I will start a DIY series. I am constantly coming up with little projects around the house, and in my closet so maybe I will start to show you all my adventures with creating!

Hope you enjoyed this short post, and let me know if you would like to see me do some DIY videos.

Love, peace and live life curvy!

XOXO, Tiffany Chavon

Balling on a Budget: Comfort and Sass

Balling on a Budget: Comfort and Sass

Hey all! I hope life finds all of you with smiles on your face and money in your pockets, lol! This is a quick Balling on a Budget look I threw on to head out on some errand runs and a night of grabbing a bite to eat with my mom and auntie. I can not get enough of the track pants trend there are all so comfy and chic. They come in so many varieties and can be dressed both up, down and in-between. I would consider this a in between-er. It was easy enough to wear while maneuvering thru the grocery store isles and cute enough to pair with a like leather jacket for a quick bite to ear.

This look is almost entirely from my guilt pleasure retailer, Tar-Jay, or Target if you want to get technical. I swear I try to avoid there clothing and shoes every time I am there shopping for the house, but somehow it drift quietly away from the cleansers, paper towels, and body soap area, and right on over to the Juniors’, Misses, and plus department :). The trousers are in a XXL and can be found, here. This cute little satin coral flouncy bodysuit was a must buy, being that it was such a gorgeous color with so many future outfits in mind, here. I paired it with a silver drop chain necklace from, and some old faux pearls, similar here. The silver clutch is one of me clearance favorites I found at HM for five bucks( so nice, I brought it twice! I got the gold one as well), similar here. My gunmetal mules are my new everyday fave shoe that I found at Off Sak’s Fifth Avenue. I absolutely love that store for shoe shopping. They are French Connection and the most expensive(but still a great deal) item in this look!

So let’s let the number talk now:

Track pants:    $ 22.99

Satin Bodysuit:  $ 17.99

Drop Necklace:    $ 5.90

Faux Pearls:     $ 2.90

Silver Woven Clutch:   $ 5.00

Gunmetal Grey Oxford Mules: $49.99

Total:       $104.77

Yasss, all this sass for a little cash, don’t you just love it!

Peace and blessings, loves,

Tiffany Chavon




Hey all! I have been a little bit out of it lately when it comes to blogging. So much going on in life, both good and not so good, that I just haven’t been in the moment to chat, or even get all dolled up. But this will change because I have been so blessed and have so many great opportunity. I am so humbled by it all and cannot wait to share the details :).

With saying all that my fashion as of late has been lazy, and of  course my favorite lazy piece is the kimono. They always make nothing look like something, lol. This particular Sunday, I through on a white tank from Target, here, and my favorite fitting skinnies from here, with this super whimsical printed kimono from Forever 21’s CA Love line I found it in store and unfortunetly it is not online, similar here. The wedges are my comfy shoes and are so old but I can wear them all day, I was almost certain I blogged them before, but I guess not. They are by Ralph Lauren and I think I found them at T.J. Maxx, similar here. This is perfect for my Sunday because I am usually going from church, to grocery shopping, and taking care of what ever else needs to be handled. The handbag is from, and old classic, and the choker can be found at


I do missed blogging, time to get back to my regularly scheduled programming 🙂


Peace and blessings!


Tiffany Chavon

I Am Back

I Am Back



I am back !! I have been so M.I.A. on my blog it feels good to just post “Hi, Boo” to you all 🙂 I have been an emotional wreck but I am back to getting up, getting dressed, and smiling. I put together this look this past Saturday as I went out to visit with family. Don’t you just LOVE this kimono? It is by Melissa McCarthy Seven7. I love her plus line cute and chic looks and great quality and we know that its hard to find that for plus size women sometimes. Here is a similar one in a Spring ready print. The tank is chiffon and I have had it for a while, similar here, and the jeans are by Kut from the Kloth, I love there jeans and you can find them, here, however I always find them at T.J. Maxx, for have the price, LOVE IT!! You all know I love a good deal. The only run up to a size 16, but they have amazing stretch in them, and surprise surprise , theses are a 14. These shoes I wore previous on this blog post, and are from

This year has started of rocky for me, but I refused to let that take my joy. I have huge plans and I know that I will be more active on my blog for you all this year, I promise. Not only that, but I have some big business things in store, and a move out of Sunny California that I am planning for and super excited about. I feel so great about my growth as a person and I have so many concepts of the heart of venture to begin and build upon. I hope that you all continue to grow with me on my journey.

Peace and blessings,


Tiffany Chavon

Kiyonna Plus Size Review

Kiyonna Plus Size Review




Hi all!. I discovered This love olive green dress by Kiyonna Plus Size through my GwinnieBee subscription. I must say the fit of this dress was AMAZING! It made me feel ultra feminine and sexy, all while still very comfy. It was perfect for the night out with the hubby. I cannot tell you all how much I am loving my GwinnieBee account. You know how we will buy an dress for an event, date or party and never wear it again, this is why GwinnieBee is so perfect. I know myself and I would not want to a dress like this one to more than one event. So I was able to wear it, return it and receive a new item from GB. Pretty awesome right? And then there are the items that you actually want to keep, and with those items you have the option to buy.

I paired this dress with a comfortable black suede pump with gold detail by Calvin Klein, similar here, and a very old chandler earring with an olive stone and Aztec feel. We love to go out for dinner and drinks and I love to throw on a dress and I was comfortable in this one. I hope you like this as much as I do. Check out for more cute and quality dresses like this one.

Love, Peace, and Curves,


P.S. this post was supposed to be up weeks ago but I loss one of my closest friend on the day I had intended to post it to very unbelieve domestic violence situation on that date and I honestly , almost a month later am getting the strength to get back to blogging. I plan on talking in detail about domestic violence in a future post and also doing everything I can to help her with a foundation that is being created in here honor.


* This is NOT a sponsored post












Hey all! Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! And cheers to me and my belated 33rd birthday!! Yes it was my birthday last week and I was so all over the place that I almost cancelled the whole deal. I opted for a small dinner at local mexican resturant Javier’s Cantina in Newport Beach. I’ve been there many times so I knew that the food would be yummy the ambiance would be exactly what  I needed and the cocktails are to die for!

With all of the chaos and confusion of last minute cancellation of my original B-Day party I decided not to wear my party dress on that evening, but I had to bring to to you all in happy belated birthday to myself. I found this cute little number on a whim Christmas shopping at Charlotte Russe. I have been shopping there since I can remember shopping for myself. They constantly have great trends, and good deals and semi- extended sizes in store with plus sizes online. I have added some current discount links below check them out and see what jewels you can find.


Shop Dresses from $15 at Valid 1/10/2017 through 1/15/2017 at 3 AM EST.

Shop all Sweaters $20 at Excludes Sale. Valid 1/10/2017 through 1/15/2017 at 3 AM EST.

Shop all Slub Tunic Sweaters $15 at Valid 1/10/2017 through 1/15/2017 at 3 AM EST.

Shop all Jeans BOGO $12.50 at Excludes Sale. Valid 1/10/2017 through 1/15/2017 at 3 AM EST.

Shop 50% off Boots at Excludes Sale. Valid 1/13/2017 through 1/17/2017 at 3 AM EST.


This dress however is a straight size XL, this is why you never underestimate the straight size retailers. Sometimes you can get lucky. This dress is a total gem. I love the rich tones of the sequins and the ombre affect. It was the perfect way to add a little pink with a winter twist, here is a similar dress because unfortunately it was only in-store. I paired this look with a simple stud earring, and my black suede platform pumps by Calvin Klein which happened to be a gift, similar here.

The New Year is here guys! Get excited!! What are you plans? Do you do resolutions or are you just a go with the flow type person?? Lets talk about it in the comments below.


As always,

Peace and Love,


Tiffany Chavon

Balling on a Budget- Holiday Party in Pink

Balling on a Budget- Holiday Party in Pink







Hey loves!! The holiday’s are literally around the corner get EXCITED!!! Time for a new Balling on a Budget- Holiday Party Pink look. I put together this little number with a dress I picked up from, for just $24.99, yes that is it!. I originally brought this for a masquerade party, and I did where it then, but who said you can’t rock it again 🙂 I loved this knee length mocked turtleneck dress because it was thin and simple but with a slight sheen to the polyester. I wanted to not do the traditional red or green for a our company luncheon, so I decided to go pink! And these shoes… ughhh.. I have only wore them 2 other times, smh.  I know that this is going to kill you guys, but I picked out these BCBG suede and  sequined shoes as one of my birthday gifts over three years ago, I found them here, but then noticed they are sold out 🙁 . These bangles came in a set purchased at my local Macy’s store and in true form, were a random find while I was skewering thru the clearance accessories, and they were $5.99. The pink lipstick is another Wet N’ Wild fav, for just $2. BALLIN!!, what you know about looking cute for under $100 bucks,  lol.

I love the holiday season, but I hate my procrastination. I am so busy at work that by the time I get off cook clean, get choker orders ready for morning drop offs, I am so over going out to deal with the holiday traffic. So I looks like I will be on some late night, hustle and bustle these next three nights before Christmas, but it will be worth it to surprise all my boo’s with their goodies 🙂

Happy holiday chaotic shopping to you, keep it cute and keep it frugal boo!!


XOXO Tiffany Chavon

Get In To It

Get In To It





Get In To It



Hey loves. There is no rhyme or reason for this particular outfit post. Just a little something that I picked up on a shopping for cleaning supplies at my good ‘ole favorite store Tar’Jay. I saw this striped ribbed body-con dress the weekend after Thanksgiving when Target was offering an additional 30% and like a lot of other unnecessary things it went in the cart and came home with me that day 🙂 I thought. It was adorable and could think of at least 3 different ways of wearing it (that is normally the make or break number for me), so I brought it. It is still available, here. Theses boots were worn in my previous balling on a budget post, and the cat eye sunnies I have had for years, similar pair here. I hope you guys get into these photos, though.

On another note, how about this holiday shopping traffic, it is straight madness! I live near a huge shopping center and I love the convince, but this traffic, uhhhh. Not to mention as much as I want to be done with Christmas shopping I haven’t even rubbed, let alone, scratched the surface of our little list, sign. But I am excited for the holiday! Family time is always my favorite.

Peace and Blessing Boo’s


XOXO, Tiffany Chavon

Balling on a Budget- Cali and Chill

Balling on a Budget- Cali and Chill







It’s finally starting to cool down so I am so excited for some sweater weather. With the holidays around the corner I can honestly say that I more on my Balling on a budget than ever so I brought back the series. This past weekend the wind was on chill and I had some holiday errands to run so I got a chance to finally bring out some warm clothes. I actually picked everything I had on during the Target Black Friday weekend, because all clothing were 30% off with an additional 15% off. YASSSS!! You can’t get more bargain fashionista than that.


This sweater I just could not get over its color and its feel. I loved how cozy it felt when I tried it on, and not itchy because there is no wool in it, thank God. I love the look of wool but I cannot tolerate wool feel. This plain white tank you can always find on sale for $9 bucks at Target, I like to stock up on my tanks for days when I just want to throw something on and go. You can never have too many white tanks when your me because I am constantly, as my hubby would say, “feeding my girls” lol. The jeans found here, are by Mossimo, and normally just under $30 and are great because the have good stretch. The booties were on clearance for $18 dollars and are just so cute I couldn’t believe they were on clearance in the store. The booties however on regular price online so you may want to take a look in your local Target and see what you may find in store.  I think I have been sleeping on Target lately, and this Black Friday sale really woke me up! The choker which is so cute is cream and has a small stone applique cased in gold, can be found here for just $7.00, and matches my $2.00 BBS earrings.  My lipstick is an older one by Fergie for WetNWild in the color Spotlight Red, and is discontinued, similar on is here for just $2.

Below I have calculate the totals for this weeks Balling on a Budget- Cali and Chill addition with the current prices online. Good thing is there is $25% off shoes on and you get $10 off if you spend over $50 online.

Sweater        $29.99

Booties         $28.49

Tank              $9.00

Jeans            $27.99

Hoops           $2.00

Choker          $7.oo

Lipstick         $2.00

Discount     -$10.00


Grand Total    $96.47

Boom!! Under a hundred bucks for a head to toe Balling on a Budget- Cali and Chill, very simple yet chic, around town shopping day look.

I hope you guys enjoyed this look have a blessed day!

Oh yeah and tell me, what are you looking forward to the most and the least this Christmas shopping season? Comment below!


Peace and Blessings,


Tiffany Chavon