The Power of Accessories

The Power of Accessories

In the day of social media and constant availability of You to the public, one can’t help but feel the pressure of unrealistic expectations of self. This can come in many shapes and forms, but I recently had a conversation with my cousin and she expressed to me how she does not like to post on Instagram all the time because it feeling of needed to not become “outfit repetitive”. Damn, isn’t that something, our overly accessibility of being view online is not preventing people to post their reality. I get it. Because I blog, I know how often I try not to post outfits on repeat, but is that realistic, HECK NO!. I wear the same outfit, or remix items more often than not, because guess what, I’ve paid for that. Although I do a lot of shopping and giving away clothing articles that I become tired of, I am sure I know where my overcompensation of clothing comes from. My days of being poor, duh, that obvious. What I don’t’ want to do is give women unrealistic expectations of being plus size and fashionable.

So I decided with this post I was going to take one entire outfit, dig some old items out the crate, and show you all the power of accessories. As far as the outfit, less accessories, the ribbed white bodysuit was found at Forever21, similar, and these cute linen vertical striped cropped pants were found at Target, and are super comfortable and light go up to a size 26!

I wanted to show you all that you can pull looks that are easily different and the same.

So for the first look, I added a straw fedora, found here, in the men’s section (a big headed woman’s go to for hats, lol). I also included an old favorite statement necklace I found in a hospital shop with muted blues and purple tones, as BCBG statement bracelet, old from Macy’s, and a tan bag from that is older as well. These cute little mules are pretty new and a Nordstrom Rack steal at $50, by  Melrose and Market.

For the second look I got rid of all the accessories for a quick revamp. This time I added a pastel peach and mint green necklace, not sure where I purchased this one but I think it was Nordstrom Rack, an old peach bangle which originally came in a set, and mint green statement pumps I found at Ross Dress for Less years ago. I added my old faithful blazer vest, and BAM, I’ve got a go to work look.

And its just that simple, realistic, and just as cute as a brand new head to toe look. I hope you all enjoyed these looks and take a look in your closets and play around with the power of accessories.

Peace and Posistivity!