Hey all! I have been a little bit out of it lately when it comes to blogging. So much going on in life, both good and not so good, that I just haven’t been in the moment to chat, or even get all dolled up. But this will change because I have been so blessed and have so many great opportunity. I am so humbled by it all and cannot wait to share the details :).

With saying all that my fashion as of late has been lazy, and of  course my favorite lazy piece is the kimono. They always make nothing look like something, lol. This particular Sunday, I through on a white tank from Target, here, and my favorite fitting skinnies from here, with this super whimsical printed kimono from Forever 21’s CA Love line I found it in store and unfortunetly it is not online, similar here. The wedges are my comfy shoes and are so old but I can wear them all day, I was almost certain I blogged them before, but I guess not. They are by Ralph Lauren and I think I found them at T.J. Maxx, similar here. This is perfect for my Sunday because I am usually going from church, to grocery shopping, and taking care of what ever else needs to be handled. The handbag is from, and old classic, and the choker can be found at


I do missed blogging, time to get back to my regularly scheduled programming 🙂


Peace and blessings!


Tiffany Chavon

Balling on a Budget- Holiday Party in Pink

Balling on a Budget- Holiday Party in Pink







Hey loves!! The holiday’s are literally around the corner get EXCITED!!! Time for a new Balling on a Budget- Holiday Party Pink look. I put together this little number with a dress I picked up from, for just $24.99, yes that is it!. I originally brought this for a masquerade party, and I did where it then, but who said you can’t rock it again 🙂 I loved this knee length mocked turtleneck dress because it was thin and simple but with a slight sheen to the polyester. I wanted to not do the traditional red or green for a our company luncheon, so I decided to go pink! And these shoes… ughhh.. I have only wore them 2 other times, smh.  I know that this is going to kill you guys, but I picked out these BCBG suede and  sequined shoes as one of my birthday gifts over three years ago, I found them here, but then noticed they are sold out 🙁 . These bangles came in a set purchased at my local Macy’s store and in true form, were a random find while I was skewering thru the clearance accessories, and they were $5.99. The pink lipstick is another Wet N’ Wild fav, for just $2. BALLIN!!, what you know about looking cute for under $100 bucks,  lol.

I love the holiday season, but I hate my procrastination. I am so busy at work that by the time I get off cook clean, get choker orders ready for morning drop offs, I am so over going out to deal with the holiday traffic. So I looks like I will be on some late night, hustle and bustle these next three nights before Christmas, but it will be worth it to surprise all my boo’s with their goodies 🙂

Happy holiday chaotic shopping to you, keep it cute and keep it frugal boo!!


XOXO Tiffany Chavon

A Simple Kind of Love

A Simple Kind of Love









Happy Wednesday Loves! I wore this look with no intentions on blogging it I was just keeping it simple on the Lord’s day, and touch on a simple kind of love. This dress is one of the most flattering dressed types for just about all body types, the A-Line flare dress. They hug the waist and flare out at the hips making for the ultimate feminine flirt silhouette. This dress is super affordable and can be found here, for under $30, and goes up to a 3X in size. The material is a poly- blend  with plenty of stretch. I love a classic black blazer. This one has plenty of pocket details and I found it one here, from Target for under $30 as well. These adorable little flats are from Ross dress for Less for just $16 bucks, don’t sleep on Ross they have some cool finds sometimes. My red leather handbag is older, similar here.  The three cross choker can be found here, and is called the Kelsie and can be order for just $15.

On another note, I never want to forget how blessed that I am and you shouldn’t either. All the the luxuries that we are given are blessings and shouldn’t be taken for granted, and I know exactly who they come from and why they come from him. Me and God have this simple kind of love and I know and love him for it. Good, bad and/or ugly he always comes through blessing my little life with more than I need or desire. All he asked for me is a simple kind of love. And what is most amazing about Gods love for me is even when I mess up, he forgives and loves me. Isn’t that amazing.

Well here is to hoping that you feel as good, refreshed and pumped up this week as I do 🙂


Peace and blessings,


Tiff Chavon




Pride 1


Pride 2


Pride 3


If have yet to mention that about a month ago I had the blessing of being chosen as one of the five CowCow Plus Bae Ambassador’s, which I initially was not going to enter out of fear, but look at God. I was not the top winner, but I now feel full of a sense of pride that someone looked at me and saw what I believe in the confidence that I am building in myself, and hoping to help other young ladies to build from within. With that I was able to chose from several of CowCows custom prints some of my favorite items, style them and give honest review on there products. This will be the first of many looks where I will include a CowCow item and I am excite to say I just found a new company to love! so how works is pretty awesome, you can literally upload a textile print and they will make it into the item of your choice. They offer everything from notebooks, to phone cases, to both men and women’s wear.

There was no way that when I saw this skirt I was not going to order it! I am a black woman and I pride myself in knowing and loving as much about my roots so why not rep them in my fashion, too. The kente print of course drew it to me and I already knew I was going to love it in a pencil skirt because they are my favorite. I paired it with a cropped top, similar here, and the classic moto jacket. I wore red pumps, similar found here, and these funky hoop earrings from HM in store, similar.  I failed to mention you can shop by designer on this website, here is the designer of this print they have so many other very cute prints, and you can see how many styles they have already created.

On another note, I wore this look out to go and see the movie Birth of a Nation,  I had this whole descriptive review of the film, when I realize that if I discuss it now it would be a complete spoiler. I will say this, it is a must see by every man/woman of every race. It is gut wrenching in some of its scenes, but very necessary. My husband and I took by 12 year old brothers to see this movie, and it was a huge debate on whether it was “appropriate” for them to see it given its reviews of gory scenes. We agreed that it was needed and had a discussion with them so they where prepared. It opened up a lot of great conversation. There is so little conversation about slavery in school now that if We do not educate our children on why we should be proud of who we are and what we come from they will have no knowledge of it. I want to go in-depth about the  movie SO BAD, but I will save that for a few weeks from now, but I will say is GO SEE BIRTH OF A NATION.


Happy Monday!


Love, Peace and Live Life Curvy,


Tiffany Chavon

My Thoughts on GwynnieBee

My Thoughts on GwynnieBee

Fall is here!! and I cannot get over the warming  up of the color palette. It has to be my favorite part of the seasons changing. I live in SoCal we can never full rid ourselves of the heat, but we can pretend we do with our wardrobe changes. I recently had the pleasure of attending “Curvy Cocktails” hosted by Kristen Thompson of, Candice Kelly, plus size model extraordinaire, and Mz. Gossip Girl, journalist/host/the first plus sized women I seen on television, Nina Parker. At the event I shuffled my two drinks in my hands, self down to learn that I won a free subscription to Gwynniee Bee. I thought how cool is this. I had already view their site and wonder if I wanted to commit to a another subscription in my life, I have so many already its ridiculous. So how perfect was it that I go to try it out at no cost! Let me first say I love the concept, you have the option of pick one to three items at at time. You wear them, or if you do not like send them back, and if you do like them pay a purchase price and keep the item(s).


GwynnieBee Review 1




My thoughts on Gwynnie Bee are this, on a positive note, it is completely awesome to be able to order items online, wear them a few times and return them for new items because you can never bee bored with such an open wardrobe. They have some many cute colorful items and a variety of prints and styles, and there is little to no commitment to each item. This is great because I like trends and just a fast as some trends come, they also go. With that said, for me its so far so good. I received my first package of three items, of which two of the three items I loved, and one I have sent back. Easy-peasy 🙂

GwynnieBee Review 3

This kimono/duster is one of them and I adore it. I am loving the combination of brights with maroon, and gray. The fit perfect and the outfit possibilities are endless. I can definitely see this in my wardrobe for the long haul, so I am thinking about making this one a purchase. This kimono is by Citron, found here, and it comes in sizes Medium thru 3XL. I paired it with a jeans from my favorite place, Macy’s from there INC brand. Similar tank can be found here. I have owned these maroon wedges heeled ankle boots for years they are comfy and a favorite of mine so I can’t seemed to get rid of them, similar. The gray handbag was a gift from my husband, similar.



White After Labor Day

White After Labor Day



labor day 2


labor day 3


labor day 4


labor day 5


labor 1




Summer is officially coming close to an end, **awwww**. This year I can’t tell if I am excited about fall or going to miss the summer’s warm nights. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the fall! Fabrics become more textured, boots turn into my favorite accessory, and the faux furs come out at night, lol. But what about the loss of one of my favorite crisp clean and some times obnoxious colors, white. No white after labor day is what they say, but do you follow that fashion rule? I cannot stand to be told what to wear and when or how to wear it, so for me that is a definite no go for me.

I order this cold shoulder skater dress online at, sold out but similar here, and it was quickly a summer hit in my mind. It is so easy, breezy, and comfy. I love how it flow and I feel so completed free in it. I think the chevron texture give it a little added flair.  So, it goes without being said that I transition it into the fall. It originally came with a thin camel colored belt but I decided to switch it up a bit and remove it. I add this adorable hat was purchased from the men’s department at Forever 21, and it is the perfect fit for my not so petite head :), similar here. The choker is one of my own designs, coming soon to The booties are from last season, but I found some that are similar here.

How do you feel about wearing white after labor day? Would you do it and say screw it, or is it a definite no, no. I am almost sure I wont be cutting white off any time soon, and I am sure that my white after labor day looks will fall into a winter white, post in the future.

I hope you all enjoyed your extra day off, I know it did!. I binged watched the Netflix original show “Stranger Things” and I am hoping they come thru with a second season, because we love some good Sci-Fi in my household 🙂

Thank for stopping by!!

Stay peaceful, Stay positive, and live your life, Boo!!


Securing the Bag

Securing the Bag


securing 3

Everyone who knows me knows I am a money girl. I have always been about the numbers and money, hence I took my first summer job at the ripe age of 11 years old. Sounds like B.S. right… nope, however what they paid me for the work was, lol. I will never forget $50.00 a week for 8 hour days. Read More

A Long Time Coming

A Long Time Coming



Sometimes it take me forever to post a new item or outfit on here. This amazingly sexy casual plus size bodysuit is one. I am a sucker for a great fitting plus size bodysuit, remember this one, to die for. The only problem, its been so long since I purchased it that it is unfortunately not even available on the website,. I love a good pair of “hole-y”(distressed) jeans but I am also good for busting the holes out, lol, so I repurchased these bad boys here. I accessorized this outfit with these super cute shoes that previously appeared on this post, and my old faithful olive jacket that I have owned for at least two years and give me the perfect grungy upgrade to anything I throw it on with, similar.




My big chain hoop earring I purchased a local So Cal boutique, but I was able to find them here for you. I am a crazy clearance rack shopper so the story behind this belt is that I found it on a dress that was $3 on dress that was way to big for me, but I purchased solely for the belt,hehehe. With this current California heat wave we are experiencing, I swear I am so looking forward to fall hunny!!! Its been crazy lately.



Normally, it is bearable where I live because it is not to far from the beach, a couple of days ago it reached 102 degrees, ugh, so Fall its been a long time coming and I cannot wait to feel your presence again, lol. So I wore this little look to for a movie, and school shopping date. Why the heck did we combine those two activities? Because we have to maximize time in my household. With a husband, a teenager, and a set of pre-teen twins, all boys/men, someone ALWAYS needs something and this weekend it happened to be getting the majority of the school shopping  this done. And still be able to do something to make my only off days enjoyable.  Any-who Boo’s, I am rambling, and venting so…let me stop.







Also, I have been trying to be more active on my blog, as you can hopefully notice 🙂 I want to put out more content that is helpful and inspiring especially to young ladies so I am working on ideas of new segments on peace and positivity. Any suggestions on things you’d like to see or ready about to help navigate you through this thing called life? Comment below.


Thanks stopping by the blog!!

Love, peace and curves HUNNY!


Tiffany Chavon

Off Work

Off Work










Monday thru Friday, from early A.M, to mid afternoon I am at work, waiting to be off work. With my busy lifestyle I literally have to be ready for whatever when I get off work. I need clothing that can appropriately take me from the office, to the heat, to the store, to the kitchen, and to basketball practice without having to worry about a slip and fall, etc. In order to combat the heat I must say I love a good loose fitting dress. Don’t get me wrong I love a tight fitting dress as well, but they are not very work appropriate all the time. So when I saw this cute little number at Old Navy, and under $35, I had to pick it up. Not only is it a plus size friendly dress, but and it runs from sizes XS to XXL and comes in tall or petite. It is easy to wear with a light blazer, or a cute distressed jean jacket, or no jacket at all when off work.  I went with my absolute favorite pair of leopard flats that I have had for probably like 4 years, lol (and my husband wants to throw them away but that will be over my dead body). These are the actual shoes, and you can see why I adore them, but they are so old that I cannot purchase a new pair, but I have found and alternative, here, they are not my favorites I may just have to scoop these up.  My statement necklace was adorably picked up by my husband, here, he be trying y’all 🙂 My multi -colored clutch purse is another oldie, but goodie purchased from They have great accessories and shoes and they are currently running their end of the season sale, so I will definitely be checking out the deals.


Thanks for stopping by,

Peace & Blessing,  Tiffany Chavon


Plus Size Springs Must Haves

Plus Size Springs Must Haves

The rain has stopped(for now), the sun is shining, the flower are almost in full bloom, and my allergies are driving me CRAY. YAY! Spring is here! Flower, pastels and brights are everywhere. And you know what that means! Summer is creeping up slowly. There are sooooo many lovable concepts out in fashion this spring that I just can not get over!

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