Balling on a Budget: Comfort and Sass

Balling on a Budget: Comfort and Sass

Hey all! I hope life finds all of you with smiles on your face and money in your pockets, lol! This is a quick Balling on a Budget look I threw on to head out on some errand runs and a night of grabbing a bite to eat with my mom and auntie. I can not get enough of the track pants trend there are all so comfy and chic. They come in so many varieties and can be dressed both up, down and in-between. I would consider this a in between-er. It was easy enough to wear while maneuvering thru the grocery store isles and cute enough to pair with a like leather jacket for a quick bite to ear.

This look is almost entirely from my guilt pleasure retailer, Tar-Jay, or Target if you want to get technical. I swear I try to avoid there clothing and shoes every time I am there shopping for the house, but somehow it drift quietly away from the cleansers, paper towels, and body soap area, and right on over to the Juniors’, Misses, and plus department :). The trousers are in a XXL and can be found, here. This cute little satin coral flouncy bodysuit was a must buy, being that it was such a gorgeous color with so many future outfits in mind, here. I paired it with a silver drop chain necklace from, and some old faux pearls, similar here. The silver clutch is one of me clearance favorites I found at HM for five bucks( so nice, I brought it twice! I got the gold one as well), similar here. My gunmetal mules are my new everyday fave shoe that I found at Off Sak’s Fifth Avenue. I absolutely love that store for shoe shopping. They are French Connection and the most expensive(but still a great deal) item in this look!

So let’s let the number talk now:

Track pants:    $ 22.99

Satin Bodysuit:  $ 17.99

Drop Necklace:    $ 5.90

Faux Pearls:     $ 2.90

Silver Woven Clutch:   $ 5.00

Gunmetal Grey Oxford Mules: $49.99

Total:       $104.77

Yasss, all this sass for a little cash, don’t you just love it!

Peace and blessings, loves,

Tiffany Chavon


Balling on a Budget- Cali and Chill

Balling on a Budget- Cali and Chill







It’s finally starting to cool down so I am so excited for some sweater weather. With the holidays around the corner I can honestly say that I more on my Balling on a budget than ever so I brought back the series. This past weekend the wind was on chill and I had some holiday errands to run so I got a chance to finally bring out some warm clothes. I actually picked everything I had on during the Target Black Friday weekend, because all clothing were 30% off with an additional 15% off. YASSSS!! You can’t get more bargain fashionista than that.


This sweater I just could not get over its color and its feel. I loved how cozy it felt when I tried it on, and not itchy because there is no wool in it, thank God. I love the look of wool but I cannot tolerate wool feel. This plain white tank you can always find on sale for $9 bucks at Target, I like to stock up on my tanks for days when I just want to throw something on and go. You can never have too many white tanks when your me because I am constantly, as my hubby would say, “feeding my girls” lol. The jeans found here, are by Mossimo, and normally just under $30 and are great because the have good stretch. The booties were on clearance for $18 dollars and are just so cute I couldn’t believe they were on clearance in the store. The booties however on regular price online so you may want to take a look in your local Target and see what you may find in store.  I think I have been sleeping on Target lately, and this Black Friday sale really woke me up! The choker which is so cute is cream and has a small stone applique cased in gold, can be found here for just $7.00, and matches my $2.00 BBS earrings.  My lipstick is an older one by Fergie for WetNWild in the color Spotlight Red, and is discontinued, similar on is here for just $2.

Below I have calculate the totals for this weeks Balling on a Budget- Cali and Chill addition with the current prices online. Good thing is there is $25% off shoes on and you get $10 off if you spend over $50 online.

Sweater        $29.99

Booties         $28.49

Tank              $9.00

Jeans            $27.99

Hoops           $2.00

Choker          $7.oo

Lipstick         $2.00

Discount     -$10.00


Grand Total    $96.47

Boom!! Under a hundred bucks for a head to toe Balling on a Budget- Cali and Chill, very simple yet chic, around town shopping day look.

I hope you guys enjoyed this look have a blessed day!

Oh yeah and tell me, what are you looking forward to the most and the least this Christmas shopping season? Comment below!


Peace and Blessings,


Tiffany Chavon




Pride 1


Pride 2


Pride 3


If have yet to mention that about a month ago I had the blessing of being chosen as one of the five CowCow Plus Bae Ambassador’s, which I initially was not going to enter out of fear, but look at God. I was not the top winner, but I now feel full of a sense of pride that someone looked at me and saw what I believe in the confidence that I am building in myself, and hoping to help other young ladies to build from within. With that I was able to chose from several of CowCows custom prints some of my favorite items, style them and give honest review on there products. This will be the first of many looks where I will include a CowCow item and I am excite to say I just found a new company to love! so how works is pretty awesome, you can literally upload a textile print and they will make it into the item of your choice. They offer everything from notebooks, to phone cases, to both men and women’s wear.

There was no way that when I saw this skirt I was not going to order it! I am a black woman and I pride myself in knowing and loving as much about my roots so why not rep them in my fashion, too. The kente print of course drew it to me and I already knew I was going to love it in a pencil skirt because they are my favorite. I paired it with a cropped top, similar here, and the classic moto jacket. I wore red pumps, similar found here, and these funky hoop earrings from HM in store, similar.  I failed to mention you can shop by designer on this website, here is the designer of this print they have so many other very cute prints, and you can see how many styles they have already created.

On another note, I wore this look out to go and see the movie Birth of a Nation,  I had this whole descriptive review of the film, when I realize that if I discuss it now it would be a complete spoiler. I will say this, it is a must see by every man/woman of every race. It is gut wrenching in some of its scenes, but very necessary. My husband and I took by 12 year old brothers to see this movie, and it was a huge debate on whether it was “appropriate” for them to see it given its reviews of gory scenes. We agreed that it was needed and had a discussion with them so they where prepared. It opened up a lot of great conversation. There is so little conversation about slavery in school now that if We do not educate our children on why we should be proud of who we are and what we come from they will have no knowledge of it. I want to go in-depth about the  movie SO BAD, but I will save that for a few weeks from now, but I will say is GO SEE BIRTH OF A NATION.


Happy Monday!


Love, Peace and Live Life Curvy,


Tiffany Chavon

Live Life-Learning to be Comfortable in Your Skin

Live Life-Learning to be Comfortable in Your Skin










Live LIFE!! I do not consider myself an advocate because I do not have a huge following, nor do I put together events to help women with focused on self-love (yet), however, am do consider myself a woman on a body positive, life positive journey that I must say I am quite proud of. Like many women it is extremely hard to not extra critical of oneself and outer appearance. If any woman is even a little bit like myself, you have been happy, angry, happy again, sad, and even cried yourself to sleep at night about your body image. You’ve dieted, exercised, and damn near(if not fully) starved yourself to try an obtain your “perfect” body. You may have compared yourself to others, critiqued others, compared yourself to others, and just been overly crucial of the way  your body looks. You’ve even at times prevented yourself form enjoying the world, because of what the world may say (let that one sink in, lol). Its sad, but its normal for a woman to be so screwed up, that they do not know how to handle loving and embracing their body as it is. For most of us, women, what we see one the television is not what we see in our mirrors, or better yet in the shower daily.  When I think about it, it damn near has me in tears (yes, I am the overly sensitive crybaby type at times, lol). For years I have never worn my thighs out. They have one of the many parts of my body that I was insecure about. Insecurity about thighs on women are common but mine was not just the normal cellulite complex, it was also my varicose and spider veins. I have had them since I can remember, but more specifically around the eighth grade. Do you know what this did to my life! Completely restricted it. I literally never wore short-shorts until about 20 years old, and would not be caught dead in a swimsuit without board shorts, or a long wrap, crazy right, When I finally purchased a pair I rarely wore them, it may have happened, once or twice that summer, with some heavy coercing from my BFF. It may sound foolish to most, now it even sound foolish to me! You know how they say with age comes wisdom, there also comes that give no fucks attitude. I think that comes from the loss of time, and the realization that much of your time past and what you have left you have to make enjoyable and memorable, and beautiful! And guess what its easy! You just got to live for YOU! Stop hiding, and bottling yourself in a comfort zone because of what society says does not matter. You know that saying “What they eat don’t make you shit.” Live by it, because it is awesome, and guess what it goes both ways, so when you think about those that you fear judgement from you can still apply it 🙂

With all that being said, these pictures were not supposed to be blog post, but I decided I was going to live life, being happy, confident, and comfortable in my skin on Sunday and post them 🙂  The tunic I recently purchased from H&M in-store, similar here. My white folded jeans shorts can be found, here, for just $ now, SUPER STEAL!! My statement necklace and sunglasses, you have already seen on my previous post, here, but can be purchased on, similar sunglasses here (they are no longer on the website but I still see them in the store), and necklace here. I picked this scarf up on my trip to the Orange County Fair, blog post on that adventure coming soon!

Live Life Curvy, and really LIVE!!!


Tiffany Chavon